Next steps

Step 1: Accept the challenge

The 2020 Call for Code Global Challenge is calling all developers around the world to build solutions that fight back against COVID-19 and climate change, some of the most pressing issues of our time. Register here for free access to the IBM Cloud and to receive regular updates that will arm you with new skills and help you accelerate your development.

Step 2: Choose your track and build with open tech

See how you can make an impact in the fight against COVID-19 and climate change. Pick your track below and find resources like starter kits with code patterns, expert videos, and tutorials to build your idea.

Check out the timeline for all key dates:

Step 3: Find your squad

Whether you need to find teammates, meet experts, ask questions, or share ideas — there’s a community for you. Check out these helpful tips.

Step 4: Submit your solution

Your goal is to have a sustainable open source project that can be deployed quickly and scaled around the world. When you’re ready to submit, be sure to provide a link to a public source code repository like GitHub along with a 3-minute demo video. Submit this with your Participation Agreement for a chance to win $200,000. Get more details in this blog post.

Have questions? See the Frequently Asked Questions.